Huge CAD/CAM Files? Send Them with Ease

For over 5 decades, CAD/CAM software has been helping engineers, architects, and designers push their business or technology further with an awesomely robust and unified software platform that improves speed and efficiency. Yet, when it comes time to send these large designs or diagrams to the manufacturer, none of these companies deliver a way to easily, reliably, and securely transfer your data.

Traditionally, users have fluctuated between any combination of email, 3rd party consumer cloud applications, FTP, and mailing of physical drives, in an attempt to send these large design files. LeapFILE, like CAD/CAM, delivers a unified platform that allows you and other members of your team to easily send and receive large files while providing full security and notifications upon delivery for every file.

Why Other Methods Don’t Work

You’re busy and don’t have time for extra steps, processes, or roadblocks. Furthermore, the data you are sending is proprietary and needs to remain secure at all times because it is your intellectual property. Here’s why other methods of sending large CAD/CAM files don’t work:

  • Email doesn’t allow you to attach large files. It also doesn’t provide a verification that your email was received.
  • 3rd party consumer cloud apps aren’t secure. They also can’t reliably send really large files.
  • FTP can be reliable, but doesn’t provide any security for transfers and has zero user management capabilities. If you give an outside party access to your FTP, they get access to everything that is in it. Also, FTP requires maintenance and infrastructure which can cost more than its worth.
  • Mailing physical drives is not viable or secure because that data can get stolen or compromised along the way … huge security risk!

LeapFILE Streamlines Large File Transfer

With LeapFILE, you can send any files, of any size, as easily as you do an email.

On top of simple, secure transfer, LeapFILE users get notifications when recipients receive the message and again when they download them. This way you know for certain that your file has been received.

Portals Keep Data Safe and Available

LeapFILE also provides a great portal capability that allows user to permit and control guest access to a secure area where files are available for download anytime.

Exchanging large files is easy with LeapFILE. Outside clients or guests can always send a single file or be provisioned access to multiple files so they can get what they need, when they need it.

Work Better with LeapFILE

Sign up today to see how LeapFILE can dramatically improve efficiency and offer you the best security available for all your important, proprietary information. Visit us online now at

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