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QuickBooks Offers No Solution for Sending Large Files

An article posted by QuickBooks support, “Sending or receiving a QuickBooks file that is too large to be e-mailed” immediately caught our attention. For a product that is so widely adopted by accountants, we couldn’t believe that QuickBooks doesn’t offer a viable solution for sending it’s large files to clients, customers, or even internal colleagues.

The article suggests inconsistent, often ineffective methods to share/send your large QuickBooks file(s) … everything from compression to flash drives is on their list. These options don’t work:

  • You can’t rely on email because it doesn’t provide any notification upon delivery so there is no way to know whether or not the file was received.
  • Compression isn’t a good option because even if the file is small enough to be sent via email after it’s compressed, there is no guarantee that the person receiving it will have the appropriate software to unpack it.
  • Flash and physical drives can’t possibly be your answer because not only is it very easy to loss them, but you’d have to hand deliver or mail them creating an additional cost and opportunity for the loss or theft of your data.

These alternatives add too many extra steps to a process that doesn’t have to be complicated.

LeapFILE is the Simplest, Most Secure Answer

LeapFILE gives QuickBooks users a way to simply and securely transfer any size file, QuickBooks or other, without any extra steps. Our security is our bread and butter, so we make sure to always protect your data with military grade encryption in the most secure data centers available.

With LeapFILE, sending large files is as easy as sending an email. Simply select the file(s), the recipient(s), enter a personalized message if you’d like, and send. When sending a file, you can also receive notifications when the recipient has viewed your email and when he/she has downloaded the file, so you are always sending your files with confidence.

But Wait…There’s More!

LeapFILE makes it easy to receive files from your customers as well, with the same security and audit tracking features. You get a branded portal that allows your customers to send you files of any size. With this, you can also securely download or choose to store your files in your LeapFILE account for safe keeping.

LeapFILE Makes Life Easier for Accountants

Whether you are as big as CliftonLarsonAllen and Plante Moran or a small independent CPA, LeapFILE is a fantastic solution for accounting firms because of our security, ease-of-use, and full audit tracking. We love our accounting customers, so we are always keeping an eye out for ways to improve the lives of one of our most important user bases.

Come talk to us about how LeapFILE can protect and improve your file transfer capabilities. We want to simplify your life, so feel free to let us know what your pain points are and we’ll help you solve them. Give me a call at 650-241-6218 and let’s chat about how that is possible.

– Aric

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