The New and Improved LeapFILE

That’s right, LeapFILE had a makeover! Our team has been hard at work to ensure LeapFILE is the best solution it can be for users like you. To start, you might have noticed we have revamped our logo and design to improve functionality and give LeapFILE a fresher look. Since we provide an exceptional solution to our users, we wanted our appearance and performance to mirror the same.

We’ve updated more than just our looks though. In today’s world, attacks are becoming more prevalent and can occur anywhere. Through our recent service enhancements, we have improved our security to ensure your files are safe and secure at all times. We know your files are important and confidential at times, so we strive to keep them that way.

Last but certainly not least, we have improved our performance via web service enhancements. Our performance is key in offering you a solution that boosts your productivity, so we make every effort to provide you with the best experience we can. LeapFILE is here to give you the security and performance you need, so stop worrying about your files because we have you covered!


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