Ziptr is Closed – Send your Files Easily with LeapFILE

Why use a separate email encryption application in addition to email, when you can use what you already use everyday? Unlike Ziptr, you don’t even need a separate application.

With LeapFILE, you can keep using your Microsoft Outlook, and still send files securely without any additional steps. Better yet, all your sensitive files are automatically encrypted and securely delivered (you get full tracking, delivery confirmation and various authentication options too!). LeapFILE’s Outlook plug-in is super simple. Just open up a new email (like you normally would), attach the files you need to securely send, then click on the LeapFILE send button. It’s so easy, it’ll be second-nature. Just ask our customers.


Why go through the hassle of yet another additional solution that disrupts your workflow? Do what you normally do! Try LeapFILE today – we’re having a special promotion too, so don’t miss out!

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